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May 29, 2020

Summer is officially here.  Thanks for a great year.  I have so many wonderful memories of the 2019-20 school year.   It was definitely a year that we will always remember.

One of the changes that happened this spring was the ability to AR test at home.  The ability to test at home will also be available throughout the summer.   As a school, we wanted to utilize this to allow kids to earn awards over the summer for their reading.  It will look very different than the regular school year AR reading program.  It is completely voluntary.  There will not be any goals, parties or awards for being the top reader.  Teachers will not be monitoring it over the summer either.   We wanted to keep it simple and easy.

When summer vacation ends we will check your points.  You can earn a prize for reaching 4 different point levels for the summer.  The prizes will be given out when school starts in the fall.  Here are the levels:

If you earn 1 point over the summer you earn a rainbow lollipop

If you earn 10 points over the summer you earn a multi-colored pen, cool eraser and neon sunglasses

If you earn 15 points over the summer you earn a milk shake

If you earn 20 points you will get to order a book from our first book order this fall

So, if you get 20 points earned, you’ll get one lollipop, a pen, an eraser, some sunglasses, one milk shake and one free book of your choice.

I have visited with the town library and they have an awesome summer reading program.   As you read books for their program you can also earn prizes for our program by testing on them and earning points.  I want to encourage you to participate in their program.  They have a great plan for the summer, and you can earn some cool stuff.

Did you know that one of the many benefits of reading is that it reduces stress?  It can take us to new and amazing places.  I hope you all pick up a good book this summer and find joy in all of your adventures.

Have a super and safe summer.


Mr. Hatch





Updated May 26, 2020

Hello parents and students,


We have come to the official close of the school year.  What an incredible journey.  Today would have been our end of the year awards assembly.  We wanted to recognize the students who earned some of those achievements.  While many of the programs could not be completed, we did have several that were able to get completed before the closure.  Those accomplishments are listed here.  I also want to recognize all of our students for their hard work this year.  We live in a wonderful place where hard work, respect and kindness are commonplace among our students.  Those attributes are the norm with our students and not the exception.  Thank you parents for raising your students with the values and characteristics that will make them successful in life wherever they go.  Thank you students for coming to school everyday ready to learn.  Thank you 6th graders for being so tremendous to work with these past 7 years.  We will miss you next year.  I am confident that you will be successful in junior high.   You have represented our school well.  Thank you!

Mr Hatch

Summer Grab-n-Go Meals

Lincoln County School District #2 will be offering Summer Grab-n-Go Meals the month of June for children 18 years of age and younger. Pick up will be on Monday's and Thursday's only from 11:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. at Cokeville High School, Star Valley High School and Thayne Elementary. Each pick-up day there will be two days' worth of meals- two breakfasts and two lunches. Responses must be submitted by 9:00 a.m. the day of pick-up and we appreciate those that are submitted well in advance. You only need to specify how many children you are picking up for, not how many meals you need. BOTH breakfast and lunch are provided at the same time. PLEASE specify the location you will be picking the meals up from. Meal requests can be made at the following link: https://forms.gle/bb3v4v4iuGGtzh5r8.

Please note the change of time and locations for these pick-ups.








         2019-20 CES Awards Recognition

 6th Presidential Education  Awards      

Gold:     Brooke Bell

Joshua Floyd

Ammon Hatch

Hudson Himmerich

Rachel Thomas

Silver:   Madilyn Dayton

Mia Dayton

Kanyon Luthi


Spelling Bee Awards      

6th Grade:  Ammon Hatch 1st

Hudson Himmerich 2nd

Kanyon Luthi 3rd

5th Grade:  Kashton Walker 1st

Cole Brooks 2nd

Flint Linford  3rd

 4th Grade:  Killian Teichert 1st

Sienna Weske  2nd

Joey Thomas 3rd


Music Awards      

Recorder Black Belt: Cooper Bird

Whitli Groll

5th Grade Outstanding Band Student: Payton Allred

5th Grade Extra Mile Award: Riggin Keetch

6th Outstanding Band Student: Mia Dayton

Christmas Play Outstanding Actor: Ammon Hatch

Christmas Play Outstanding Actor: Hudson Himmerich


Academic Bowl Awards        

Gold: Team Canoeing

Talon Teichert

Jase Martinez

Joslyn Willis

Paislee Tims

Mack Richardson

Steehl Pope

Silver: Team Volleyball

McKoy Davis

Lindsey Thomas

Ainslie Himmerich

Kutler Keetch

Gentry Kirkland

Brooke Bell

Bronze: Team Running

Matthew Tims

Ben Clark

Alyzea Uasike

Presli Pope

Taylar Nate

Clay Teichert

Trip Reece


Wyoming Jr Duck Stamp Awards

K-3: Bentley McKinnon - 2nd

Geneva Murdock - 3rd

Matthew Tims – HM

Denali Keetch – HM

Kamri Allred – HM

Ryker Teichert – HM

Sara Brooks – HM

Jase Martinez – HM

Alyzea Tukuafu – HM

Emmitt Groll – HM

Myles Dayton – HM

Lyric Gilmore – HM

Briquelle Peck – HM

4-6: Livi Thornock – 2nd

Joey Thomas – 3rd

Whitli Groll – 3rd

Serenity Johnson – HM

Keegan Haderlie – HM

Raiden Pond – HM

Mason Child – HM

Zach Bell – HM

Mckenzie Payne – HM

Taylar Nate – HM

Heber Dayton – HM

Cooper Bird – HM

Ainslie Himmerich – HM

Ridge Barnes – HM


Farm Bureau Coloring Contest

All KG – 3rd participants received $1.00

Natalie Hoffman – 2nd Place in County, District winner


Creative Poetry Awards

Mckenzie Payne

Sienna Weske

Ainslie Himmerich

Cinch Pope

Joey Thomas

Cooper Bird

Whitli Groll

Keegan Haderlie

Airica Brook

Mason Child

Paislee Tims

Livi Thornock


Thanks to our Volunteers     

Selena Pope, Michelle Teichert

Lauren Hoffman, Talisha Hobbs

Kelsey Keetch, Ariel Petersen

Amy Peck, Marilyn Dayton, Jamie McKinnon

Deb Tims, Carrie Groll

Jody Keetch, Jenny Willis

Jenny Barnes, Buffy Dayton

Brandi Bell, Lori Allred

Thanks for a Great Year!

Have a Fun Summer and Stay Kind



Updated 5/13/20

Packet Pick-up instructions for Thursday, May 14

Our last packet return will be Thursday, May 14  from 2:00 - 6:00 pm.  At this time we will be returning to you any student supplies that were in their desks.  We would like all textbooks, devices, instruments, and library books to be returned as well.

We ask that you follow the bus route into the parking lot.  Please park in front of the school and remain in your car.  A staff member will acknowledge you and bring your student’s supplies to you.  You can also return any completed work at this time to our staff.  Please make sure your students name and grade level are on the returned packets.  Teachers will continue to be available from 8:00 - 2:00, Monday - Thursday if you need to communicate with them.   If you need to arrange an alternate delivery time please contact CES and we will work it out.

The last two weeks of the school year will be an opportunity for teachers to provide feedback to students and do any culminating activities that will celebrate this school year.   In addition, due to the closure of school, we will not be issuing a spring report card.

As always, thank you for your cooperation.  Go to www.lcsd2.org to sign up for grab and go meals and additional online learning resources can be found at www.online.lcsd2.org.  Check it out if you want more learning opportunities for your student.  If you have any questions please contact me.  Thank you for everything and have a great week.

Harold Hatch




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