Homework for Tuesday, Sept. 3rd

(Your student only has one of these four each day. The first five students in the alphabet are group #1, the next four are group #2, the next four are group #3, and the rest are group #4. T means Type, MS means Multiple Skills, SRA means SRA, M means Daily Math, and Cloze means Cloze Connections.)

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
T & MS  #1 T & MS  #2 T & MS  #3 T & MS  #4 SRA       #2 SRA       #3 SRA       #4 SRA       #1 M & T    #3 M & T    #4 M & T    #1 M & T    #2 Cloze     #4 Cloze     #1 Cloze     #2 Cloze     #3 Spelling - Unit #1 (tests will be on Tuesday and Thursdays and will need to be taken with me at school.) English - Week #1 Day #1 (These are worksheets where we do Day #1 on Monday, Day #2 on Tuesdays, Days #3 & 4 on Wednesday, and Day #5 and Review on Thursday.) Math - study p. 1-2 and do PW1 (The study part tells what pages to study in the Textbook to learn the concept of the day. The PW stands for the practice workbook. This is their assignment. Be sure to quiz them on some problems from the study part so you know they understand what to do in their workbook.) Reading Mastery - Lesson #1 (This will be tricky keeping up with this because different students are in different classes - so basically they will need to do the next lesson in the book. They have a Textbook with a notebook and a Workbook that they need to do assignments in.)
Writing - these assignments will vary quite a bit and often won't be able to be done at home.
Computer Lab, Daily Oral Language, and Phonics and Vocabulary Education - will need to be done at school. Science - mostly done at school. Social Studies - Map Skills - p. 1-2