Daily Class Schedule

8:00  Centers and Journals
8:30  Spelling
8:40  English
8:50  Math
9:45  Recess
10:00  Reading Mastery
11:15  Writing
11:50  Lunch
12:30  Computer Lab (except when we have Art)
1:10  (The afternoon classes vary each day depending on which days we have P.E., Music, and Library. Also, we do Math in the afternoons if we didn't finish in the morning. This happens quite often especially before Christmas. We don't do Science and Social Studies on the same day. Then we do the following in no particular order and somedays we don't get to some of them.)
1:10  Daily Oral Language
         Phonics and Vocabulary Development
         Science or Social Studies (Map Skills and Lincoln County)
         Penmanship (later in the year)
 Teacher Read (I read stories to them)
 Buddy Read
2:55  Clean-up
3:00  Dismiss